Sunday, September 21, 2014


Evening everyone!  I hope you all have had an awesome weekend.  Let’s see just what I did over mine.  Yesterday I pretty much blew off everything but answering email and reading a superb suspense novel by Karen Robards. “The Last Victim” was scary, suspenseful, and you’d never guess the ending in a million years.   Of course that meant I didn’t watch “Outlander” until a bit ago.  Shall we say hot?  I fell for Jamie’s eyes, yes, I know his bod was smoking, but his eyes told me about his heart and soul.  So romantic!

And now I am scrambling to get caught up on homework, since I took a nice nap this afternoon.  Yeah, I know I should have been working, but hey, I prevaricated big time. So until next time, read a good book, hey mine are all ready for new fans, kiss a loved one, and dream of a Highlander with “devilish roguish eyes that speak volumes to a woman’s heart and soul.”

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