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Check out my blog post at The Romance Studio! I'm talking about what I might want under my tree for Christmas and "Immortal Justice."

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Need Your Vote, Please!

Hi, I'm up for favorite author: Who's Your Favorite Christmas Party Author at The Romance Studio. Please vote!

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Long time, but I'm back!

Please come join me at "A Writer's Mind" blog. Sky Purington is an awesome author and has opened her 
blog up for Christmas memories! 

I'd love to see you there!

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Check Out What Happens To Kira And Gareth In "Presidential Heat."

Kira pushed herself to her knees and shook her head. The ringing in her ears hopefully would subside. It might take a bit longer for the various cuts on her arms and legs from flying glass to close up. Not to mention the spot where the desk took off a piece of her hide. But for the moment, she was thankful to just be in one piece. The very real circumstance of having her head severed by flying objects had been way too close for comfort.
She gained her feet and spotted Gareth, several yards in front of her. Malachi was there also, lending the president a hand to get to his feet. As she scanned the immediate area, her gaze found Commander Bartlett, who looked to be dazed but okay.
Forcing her legs to move, she limped toward the rest of the unlucky four who’d caught the brunt of the explosion.
“Mr. President, are you okay? Malachi? Commander Bartlett?”
Malachi inhaled and exhaled quickly before answering. “We’re fine. The president may be a bit bruised but—”
“Your boss tackled me. Something we will discuss later.”
Gareth moved closer to Kira. “You’re bleeding, Kira. We need to get you to a medic.”
The concern in his voice tugged at Kira’s heart. So unfair for him to care and worry for her, and they were prohibited from doing anything about it.
“Don’t worry about me. I heal really fast. We need to get you checked out and aboard a new Air Force One.”
“We’ll do that in a moment, but first…” Gareth raised his hand and slid it along the path of Kira’s cheek. His touch was gentle as he caressed the sudden ache right below her left eye. Shoot, she must look like crap. If her face was as messed up as her previously pristine leather pants and tank top, then she must look like a poster child for bruised agents. No way could he be looking at her with anything but disgust or pity in his eyes. So why did she want to grab him and kiss the daylights out of the man?
Gareth leaned forward, Malachi cleared his throat, loudly, and Kira jumped out of her daydream. How stupid could she be? They had to get out of here.  

Presidential Heat

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Come on over and have some tea and scones at Tartan Ink.  I'd love to see you there!!!


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Immortal Justice by Faith Smith is a truly magnificent dark story of a hot steamy page turning romance, with endless suspense!! 

For the entire review, please visit Romance Writers Reviews.


4 stars for "Immortal Justice." The Romance Studio--This is by far Ms. Smith's best work to date. Her growth as an author took a massive leap with Immortal Justice. A book that starts with heartbreaking tragedy, Immortal Justice takes the reader on a ride through the entire emotional spectrum. With well thought out and likeable characters, witty dialogue, sexual tension and action packed drama, this is a superb debut to what is hopefully a long running series. I could find no fault with the story or any of the Immortals introduced in the book. Truth be told, they are as fascinating a group of characters as any being written today.
Click on reviews and check out the latest.


4.5 from Book Wenches! "The combination of vampires, suspense, and romance in Presidential Heat will keep the reader’s attention from page one until the last word. I found the story to have a unique quality in the style of vampirism, and it is always enjoyable to find something fresh. I can say that with the plethora of vampire stories on the market, it is a joy to find a story that is decidedly different."
Read the rest of the review by clicking on review archives and June's reviews, then scroll down.

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GIve away on July 8th but I'm there now at Romancing the Book blog.

Come on over and learn more about me and my characters at Romancing The Book.

Love to have you drop in!


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Come on over & see me at "A Writer's Mind" blog this week.

My cover and explanation for it is up now, and we will be showing a trailer for "Immortal Justice" and also my hero, Darach, and heroine, Abby, will be talking in a candid interview.  

Hope to see you at "A Writer's Mind."  Our host is Sky Purington!


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Greetings everyone, please take a moment to check out Immortal Executioner, and Abigail Dupree, my latest hero and heroine in "Immortal Justice!"  I hope you love the trailer.  Release date for the book is June 24th!!!!

Hugs and love you all!!!


See what Immortal Executioner and Abigail Dupree are up to in "Immortal Justice."

Immortal Justice to be released on June 24th!

 Love and hugs!


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Finally! A Trailer for "Beware What You Wish."

I know it's been a long time coming and hopefully the next book trailers will be out a lot faster!

Check it out: Beware What You Wish.

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"What Women Want" forum @ RT Book Reviews

Hi everyone, just wanted to invite you over to the forum at Romantic Times Book Reviews.  This is a forum where we will be discussing what you and I like to see as readers!  Come visit me, let your hair down, and let's have fun!


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"Presidential Heat" Out Now!

 From Siren BookStrand

Kira Jackson, former Marine and vampire, is close to achieving her goal of becoming a Government Vampire Protector—or she will be if President Gareth Hayes drops his attitude toward women agents. It's a good thing he has no clue what he does to her body. Her physical attraction to the sexy widower is just the enamel off her fangs when Kira discovers Gareth could be her soul mate for eternity.
Gareth is forced to have a protective agent after terrorists target him. But no way will he allow the sexy Agent Jackson to fill that position. However, he changes his mind when White House security is breached. Now Kira is ordering him around, and when Air Force One goes down, she proves she's more than capable of doing her job. But what is he going to do about his growing fascination with her?
Circumstances and the media toss Kira and Gareth into a shady limelight and into matrimony to save their reputations. Kira's secret comes out and both he and Kira must decide if love will be enough to overcome “death do us part” with a vampire.  

Looking forward to hearing from you and to finding out what you think!



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Mark Your Calendars! "Presidential Heat" release date May 31st!

I hope everyone is as excited as I am about the upcoming release date for "Presidential Heat!"

The closer it gets the more thrilled I am. I don't think I will ever get over that feeling as an author. And you my fans make this possible. I love you all!  Thanks for allowing me to create and for loving my 


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Make welcome Anna Kathryn Lanier.

I'm so  happy to have Anna with us today. She is so talented and has a talent for penning trail-blazing heroines! 
Pearl Hart – American Desperado
By Anna Kathryn Lanier

What should have been a life of modesty and respect, instead turned into a life of crime and legend.  Pearl Taylor,  the daughter of middle-class parents in Ontario, Canada, met and fell in love at the age of seventeen with a Nar ‘do well gambler and drinker, Fred Hart and eloped.

Five years later, in 1893, the couple made their way to the Colombian Exposition in Chicago where Fred found a job as a sideshow barker.  Pearl worked a number of odd jobs and escaped her dreary life by spending the afternoons watching Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show and dreaming of the romantic West.

Finally tiring of her hard-drinking, abusive husband, Pearl packed up and headed West for the start of a new life. Unfortunately, it was a short-lived dream when she discovered she was pregnant. She returned to Canada and her family for the support they could give her.  After giving birth to a son, Pearl left the baby in her mother’s care and moved to Arizona.  She worked odd jobs to support herself in the less than glamorous and heroic West than she had envisioned. 

Fred followed her trail and when he caught up with her, he begged forgiveness and promised changes.  For a while, the couple lived a happier domestic life, however, after the arrival of a daughter Fred abandoned his family, allegedly to join Teddy Roosevelt’s Rough Riders.   
Pearl once again returned to her parents for support.  She didn’t stay long and soon returned to Arizona, leaving her children behind.  Once back in the West, she worked odd jobs and as a cook in the various mining towns.  In 1899, she took up with a miner by the name of Joe Boot. After she received word that her mother was ill and needed money for medical care, she and Joe devised several schemes to raise the money.  When none of them proved lucrative enough, they decided to rob the Globe to Florence stagecoach.

With her hair cut and wearing Joe’s clothing, Pearl helped rob the three passengers of over $400 and a gun.  Feeling sorry for the passengers, Pearl is said to have returned a dollar each for food.  The bandits high-tailed it into the unfamiliar desert foothills, where they promptly got lost.  After wandering around aimlessly for several days, they awoke one morning to find themselves surrounded by a sheriff and his posse.

While being held for trial, the “Queen Bandit” milked her fame for all its worth.  Allowed access to visitors and reports, she posed for pictures and signed autographs. In a surprise verdict and despite pleading guilty, the jury acquitted her, perhaps finding sympathy in her claim that she was trying to raise money for her dear, sick mother.  The judge, however, was furious.  He had Pearl tried again for “unlawfully carrying a gun,” the gun being the one stolen in the robbery.  This time, she was found guilty and sentenced to five years in the Yuma Territorial Prison.

Her fame grew as she served her time.  Reporters visited her often, posing her for pictures with unloaded guns.  By the time she was paroled 18 months into her sentence, she was a legend.  She also claimed she was pregnant and may have been paroled early to avoid a scandal, as she would have conceived while in custody.  The claim seems to have been a ruse, though. There’s no record of a third child being born.

After her release from prison, Pearl moved to Kansas City and starred in a theater production (written by her sister) of her life.  The play was short-lived though and Pearl’s fame faded.

In 1924, she’s alleged to have visited the courthouse where she was tried. Upon leaving, she told the attendant, “Nothing’s changed.” H asked who she was and, rather dramatically she replied, “Pearl Hart, the lady bandit.”

What happened to Pearl after that is unclear.  There is a claim she died in 1925 in Kansas City, another she lived in California until 1952.  The most knocked about story, however, is that she married an Arizona rancher, Calvin Bywater, and lived until the mid-1950’s as a hard-working, cigar-smoking, blue-streak-cussing law abiding citizen.  Whatever happened to Pearl in her later years, her younger ones were certainly bigger than life and she appears to be the only woman tried for robbing a stagecoach.

Leave a comment for a chance to win a copy of Lynn Santa Lucia’s book, Ladies First: History’s greatest female trailblazers, winners and mavericks. I’ll draw for a winner Saturday.  I’ve found this a fascinating book, full of interesting stories of famous and not-so famous women throughout history. - akl


Ladies First: History’s greatest female trailblazers, winners and mavericks by Lynn Santa Lucia

Anna Kathryn Lanier writes both contemporary and historical Westerns for The Wild Rose Press.  Her historical novella “Salvation Bride” was the 2009 Preditors and Editors Readers Poll Award for Best Romance Short Story.  Read more about Anna Kathryn at, and

Anna Kathryn will be presenting an online class, Pioneering Women of the West, through Hearts Through History ( in August. Learn more about the class at her website.

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Come and chat with me at The Long & Short Reviews!

Love to have you there! And check out the interview!

Hugs to you all!


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Happy Easter Everyone!

Today is a day that should always be remembered!  Jesus arose from the dead, and I am so glad!


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Please Make Welcome Guest Author...Kelly McCrady!

Thank you, Faith, for having me here today and hello to all your loyal paranormal followers and fans!
You are so welcome, Kelly! So glad to have you here. Now tell me something unique about yourself, please.
Many years ago I used to spend time at a ceramics studio. One project I created was a series of small tiles, each about an inch square. I carved a Japanese Kanji symbol onto each and wrote the single word represented by the symbol. The words had been chosen from a website showing the symbols for tattoo artists to use and I picked the words with a single symbol that struck my fancy. Later, as I looked over the collection, I realized each word represented something about me—things I do, things I am, and things I have. Some words work in more than one category.
So, how does this play out with your awesome fantasy romance?
When my novel The Empire’s Edge was in its second draft, I placed the tiles on the floor and scrambled them upside-down, then randomly chose half the tiles for my hero and half for the heroine. This is how the split turned out:         
Jeren Vassal
Is: husband, sun, water, blood, sword, moon, pure, strong
Does: live, trust, vow, honor, obey, sing
Has: harmony, peace, forgiveness, truth, honesty, revelation, beauty, honor, trust
Leah Indasely Vassal:
Is: wife, woman, earth, soul, star, storm, heart
Does: share, believe
Has: soul, devotion, virtue, unity, patience, heart, wisdom, happiness, wealth
Since each character has characteristics that are from me, I easily expanded on those within that character, and each character was then different from the other but still like me. Some I really had to work on to get into the character—I did not use “sing” inside my hero literally, for example. I did make sure he had a grounding in the humanities and enjoyed reading books and discussing them with the heroine, which fulfilled the arts quotient of “sing.” This method saved me from attempting to write a character too different from myself and helped to make them three-dimensional.
Secondary characters were allowed to fall where they might, but they too are pieces of me, sometimes in caricature. And of course the antagonistic characters get all my bad traits—making their scenes delicious to write. Maybe that’s why we love to read villains; as readers we bring our own experience, memories, and traits with us to compare with the characters and explore common ground with them. Hopefully my readers will find common ground with me through my characters and enjoy their time in my world.
And there you have it, readers, Kelly is not only a fantastic author, but she knows how to pick what works for her!

As a sci-fi/fantasy fan and author, Kelly believes the best stories contain the human element of romance. Scribbling pieces of stories into spiral notebooks since first grade, she became serious about the craft of writing in 2001. Her dream is to see her work on the library shelf next to Anne McCaffrey's. In her free time, this former zookeeper crochets, knits, quilts and gardens – badly. "I'm better with words than with plants," she says. Kelly lives in Oregon with her husband and daughter. The Empire’s Edge is available through The Wild Rose Press and  Visit her on the web at

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Come join me tonight as I do a radio Broadcast at "Must Love Books."

Meet Author Faith Smith Must Love Books

by mustlovebooks

Airdate: Sun, Apr 17, 2011 06:30PM Add reminder Edit
Call in number to speak with the host
(619) 789-1934

Love to have you sit in and listen as I talk about my books and what is coming up next!


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I'm back!

Wow, time flies. The RT convention was a blast!  I so enjoyed meeting old friends and making new ones!

If you were at RT and I missed you, then I'm sending virtual hugs!

I'm getting geared up to get started on "Hawk's Salvation" and for a 3rd time-travel featuring one of the 
characters from "Semper Fi." 

Have an awesome weekend everyone!

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2011 RT! Hard to believe...

It's almost here!  And I have a hard time not berating myself for not being ready ahead of time. Each year, I say I will and each year I'm even more behind. Go figure!  Any whoo, looking forward to seeing old and making new friends and fans!


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Make Welcome Time Travel Mistress, Beth Trissel

Beth has more than proven her merit when it comes to writing sensual, tantalizing, and breathtaking romance! Her time travels speak to the heart. Now listen up as Beth speaks to us.

“Man ... can go up against gravitation in a balloon, and why should he not hope that ultimately he may be able to stop or accelerate his drift along the Time-Dimension, or even turn about and travel the other way.” ~H.G. Wells, The Time Machine.

Thanks Faith for having me as a guest on your lovely blog.  I’m here to share my love of time travel.  As an historical romance author all of my stories are time travels in a sense, but I first incorporated actual visits to the past in the form of flashbacks to early 19th century Virginia in my murder mystery/ghost story romance, Somewhere My Love. Following that, my ultimate challenge was to set a time travel romance in Scotland.

Slight problem, and one that held me back for years, I’ve never actually been there, though many of my family have and told me all about its grandeur and charm.  I’ve read, heard, and seen many descriptions of Scotland.  Being a history buff I’ve read up on and watched numerous programs set in the British Isles.

I’m a British junkie, an anglophile, while equally preoccupied with early America.  But then America and Great Britain are both tied together and were especially linked in the colonial time period.  Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley where I live and my family has lived for several hundred years resembles Scotland and Ireland and is partly why so many Scots/Irish settled here in the 18th century.  So that gave me an ‘in.’

Until Somewhere My Lass, I’d set all my stories in America, past and present. This departure to Scotland was a challenge, but I drew deeply on my English/Scots-Irish roots, as I’ve been doing all along. Apart from the prominent Native American characters in my work (Through the Fire, Red Bird’s Song, and Daughter of the Wind) the others are English/Scots-Irish with a smidgen of French.  My ancestors have a smidgen of French in the meld—a Norman knight who sailed and fought with William the Conqueror. 

But I digress.  A little more about the inspiration behind light paranormal romance SOMEWHERE MY LASS.  As is often the case, the opening of this book was inspired by a dream, as was my recently completed light paranormal/time travel romance, Somewhere The Bells Ring. These vivid dreams grab my attention and make me wonder where in the world I go from here.  Inquiring minds like mine want to know the rest of the story, so I delve, plot, and lie awake nights trying to recapture the dream to see where it leads.  Oh, and I finally dreamed the opening to the much pondered sequel to Somewhere My Lass so maybe I’ll make progress and Fergus shall have his story.

Ultimately though, Somewhere My Lass, and my other works for that matter, evolve from lengthy research, in this case into my Scottish roots. Not only those hardy souls who journeyed to the New World via Ireland, but also those who came directly from Scotland as early as the 17th century.  Along with my rich ancestry is a long-held absorption with the idea of actually being transported to the past, with a proviso that I can return to the present whenever the thrill wears off, of course.  Say, by tea time. My characters are far more adventurous than I. I’d be fortunate to survive a week back then.

Doubtless, I’ve been influenced by my beloved C S Lewis in his Chronicles of Narnia that I grew up reading. I’m still looking for Narnia. Isn’t everyone? And movies like Back to the Future, Timeline, The Time Traveler’s Wife And countless other films and books, but I like to think I’ve achieved an original take on the oft visited time travel theme.

Certainly, my love for old castles and the Scottish Highlands also lent inspiration.  The concept behind my SOMEWHERE series is that the story opens in modern-day, so far my home state of Virginia and I don’t see that changing, and then transports the reader SOMEWHERE else–either back to an earlier time in the same house, as in SOMEWHERE MY LOVE, or another place altogether, as in SOMEWHERE MY LASS.  Sounds simple enough, right? But writing these stories isn’t. And then there are the questions that haunt me.  Did I get the setting right?  Only those of you who dwell in that beautiful land or have visited Scotland can say.

Blurb for Somewhere My Lass:
Neil MacKenzie’s well ordered life turns to chaos when Mora Campbell shows up claiming he’s her fiancĂ© from 1602 Scotland. Her avowal that she was chased to the future by clan chieftain, Red MacDonald, is utter nonsense, and Neil must convince her that she is just addled from a blow to her head–or so he believes until the MacDonald himself shows up wanting blood. Mora knows the Neil of the future is truly her beloved Niall who disappeared from the past. Although her kinsmen believe he’s dead, and she is now destined to marry Niall’s brother, she’s convinced that if she and Neil return to the past, all will be right.
The only problem is how to get back to 1602 before it’s too late. The balance of the present and future are in peril if she marries another, and the Neil of the present will cease to exist. An ancient relic and a few good friends in the future help pave the way back to the past, but will Mora and Neil be too late to save a love that began centuries before?~

SOMEWHERE MY LASS is available in digital download at The Wild Rose Press , AmazonKindle, Barnes & Noble’s Nook book, and other online booksellers.

*SOMEWHERE MY LASS and SOMEWHERE MY LOVE were both featured on Barbara Vey’s blog at Publisher’s Weekly. Separate occasions.

Mark Your Calendars! Beth Trissel will be here on the 24th. Check out...

her time travel series and find out what this awesome author has been up to!

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Hi everyone, it is so hard to believe the Romantic Times Booklovers convention will be here in a couple of short weeks, give or take a day or two.  I'm not quite ready yet, but getting there!

I want to invite everyone to the workshop I'm giving on Wednesday April 6th at 2:15-3:15 entitled 
"What Women Want."

Our distinguished panelists will be:

Megan Records from Kensington Publishing
Frances Sevilla from  The Wild Rose Press

Romantic Times Book Reviews Senior Editor: Liz French

Reader: Stephanie Asay

Cover Model: Evan Scott 

And moi!

We will be discussing what women want in today’s world in their books. And will be asking readers what they want to see or not see in the romance industry when it comes to romance.

So put us on your agenda. I’ll look forward to seeing any who can make it on Wednesday April 6th at 2:15!

Hugs and keep reading!


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Please Welcome Back The Most Talented Sky Purington! And one lucky readerwill win an Ecopy of Heart of Vesuvius!

Thanks so much for having me back to your blog, Faith. Always great to visit! This ‘pop in’ I thought I’d share with you my latest release, Heart of Vesuvius and perhaps add a dash about its prequel, Darkest Memory.
Here’s the rundown on HEART OF VESUVIUS…
Two vampires…one goal.

Alexandria has no choice. She must flee to the last place she wants to. Straight into the arms of a vampire she was determined to forget. Salvator, ancient vampire, finds this a clever fix to obtaining the one vampire he’s always desired…Alexandria.

Together, they must find a way to evade her powerful enemy, Salvator’s brother Luciano. On the run, they struggle to understand one another. Deep, dark secrets are revealed. Denied passion ignites. Blood is spilled.

Within the heart of Vesuvius, anything is possible. All can be conquered. But will it be? Can wrongs be made right? History is the locked door. Forgiveness is the key. Time will tell if ancient love can once again flourish.

…This time, instead of diving into all the details behind why I wrote Heart of Vesuvius, I decided to slam out with a variety of one-on-one dialogue exchanges between my hero, Salvator and my heroine, Alexandria (AKA-Alex). What does that mean? Well, each segment will include something my hero said and how my heroine responded or vice versa. All excerpt bits are found somewhere in the first half of the story. I thought this might give you an idea of some of the memorable exchanges between these two dynamic characters.

The Honesty

Her eyes shot open. They stared at one another, lips within inches. How easy it would be to close the distance, lull her until she willingly gave all. But he could not, no more than he could two hundred years earlier. Unlike all his previous prey, he would not take advantage of her.

“I would never forgive you,” she whispered. 

The Anger

Alex swung around, back ramrod straight and walked to the hearth, before she turned his way once more. “You won’t incite me.”

“I already have…multiple times.”

The Question

She’d leveled out; all nervousness vanished with the rejuvenation of both her strength and will. Salvator took a slow appraisal of the slim, tight thigh sliding free from her dress. Both athletic and properly curvy, Alexandria dripped sensuality, stunning really. “My little sacrificial lamb. If only it were that simple.”

“You have always played games, Salvator. It is half of what makes you despicable. Is it not enough that we are what we are that those such as you must make us seem even more horrible?”

The Fire

“Kiss me,” he murmured, luring without meaning to. “Please.”

Her soft lips traveled up his neck, tasted, before they found his. He swore sometimes she made him feel a heart beat within his chest. Opening her lips with his, he explored. As before, her energy rushed into him more powerfully than the greatest strength of the oldest vampire. He skimmed his palms down her back, trailed his thumbs along her spine. She arched. He groaned.

Salvator left her lips, kissed her cheek, whispered in her ear. “Do not fear me.”

Her eyes slid shut, full lips parted. “I never feared you.”

Oh, but she had to have. He grabbed her backside, kneaded lightly. Never in his existence had he taken his time with another vampire. They had never been worth it. This one was. Salvator watched the way her head fell back, how her slender throat gleamed in the crimson light of the cave. Always, the scent of a mortal woman’s blood beneath the surface of her skin had aroused him like nothing else.

It turned out there existed another sort of scent, another type of throat he found more arousing.

Sky here. Hope you enjoyed crawling inside the minds of Salvator and Alex. To learn more about this story and how you can purchase, follow this link…

What they’re saying… "...this haunting story about loves lost and found is certainly worth the read. The ominous climax of the story, where we learn the origin of the feud between the two brothers and the truth that lies at the heart of Salvatore's relationship with Alexandria, was beautifully, heartbreakingly written."

~The Romance Reviews

Interested in learning more about DARKEST MEMORY, Prequel to HEART OF VESUVIUS? Here’s a little taste…
Calah Arlington lands a career-making interview with billionaire club owner, Gabriel Knight. His dark looks and mysterious nature captivate her. However, looks can be deceiving. Now bizarre things are happening to her. She hears his seductive voice when he hasn't spoken. She's become forgetful and worries when she's unable to remember her own actions. Could the truth behind the strange occurrences be deadly?
Vampire, Gabriel Knight would have waited a thousand centuries for Calah Arlington to return. A stormy night brings her to him. He should've remained a secret - to protect her. Fate has other plans. Making contact under the pretension of an interview, he lures her to his estate to keep her safe from the enemy. However, he underestimates his dark desire for her. Now who will keep her safe from him?
Follow this link to purchase…
I hope you enjoyed discovering more about my vamp tales. Be sure to visit my website ( to learn more about my Highlander novels and how you can join me on all the social networks. Drop me a note. I love to hear from readers!
Are you an author looking for free promotion? My blog, A Writer’s Mind (, is opening its doors to a whole new way of promoting in May. Follow this link to learn more…
Please Note: Promotional spots are filling up fast. If you have a late summer or autumn release, book it now!

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One detective, one lady vampire, one heck of a ride. "Gideon's Heart" has arrived!


 Mark your calendars for February 25th, 2011

Every night detective Gideon Hawks walks a dangerous beat through the streets of Savannah, but when he meets Katheryne Alastair, he discovers a new threat...this one to his heart. Her delicate, sensual features and old-fashioned clothing lead him to believe she is homeless. Against his better judgment, he takes her home.
Katheryne, a vampire ready to end her existence, lies in wait for the approaching sunrise. But when the handsome detective attempts to help her, she finally finds peace within her heart. The heat of his touch triggers a blood lust she’s kept dormant for centuries. Is it possible Gideon is her soul mate? When Gideon is mortally wounded, Katheryne cannot let him die. If she turns him, will he forgive her, or worse, walk away? Or will the eternal love she holds for him end the suffering of her centuries-old vampiric curse?

Saturday, February 12, 2011


Yes, I am so happy with this. I love when readers fall in love with the first book and love the second. And if you have not checked out her blog, then you need to!  Great site!!!!!!

The Viking Princess



Yeah, I am so thrilled!!!!!!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011




Bound By Blood, The Legends
Every night detective Gideon Hawks walks a dangerous beat through the streets of Savannah, but when he meets Katheryne Alastair, he discovers a new threat...this one to his heart. Her delicate, sensual features and old-fashioned clothing lead him to believe she is homeless. Against his better judgment, he takes her home.
Katheryne, a vampire ready to end her existence, lies in wait for the approaching sunrise. But when the handsome detective attempts to help her, she finally finds peace within her heart. The heat of his touch triggers a blood lust she’s kept dormant for centuries. Is it possible Gideon is her soul mate?
When Gideon is mortally wounded, Katheryne cannot let him die. If she turns him, will he forgive her, or worse, walk away? Or will the eternal love she holds for him end the suffering of her centuries-old vampiric curse?



After a failed mission, Special Ops Marine Derek Harrison wants peace and quiet as he recuperates at his cousin’s home. What he gets is a sex-on-heels woman with a snooty attitude. Not only does she remind him of his ex-fiancĂ©e, but she claims she’s a faery princess of the Seelie Court. Now she’s not only getting under his skin, she’s getting into his head and delving into his nightmares. Maybe there is more to Catriona than he first realized. Catriona is restricted to her palace for interfering in human affairs, but that doesn’t stop her from sneaking away to visit her mortal friends. Her fun ends—and passion ignites--when she finds herself involved with a sexy mortal male who treats her like a woman instead of a pampered faery princess.
But when magick and terrorism collide, Derek is injured. Catriona spirits the man she loves to her Faery home, but can her magick save him?

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Please Make Welcome Catherine Bybee

So happy to have you with us, Catherine!

Thank you for having me on your blog today, Faith. Instead of the typical interview, I thought I’d take on the subject of trilogy’s and why we love them.

 First, let’s clear up a little something that is sometimes questioned. What is the difference between a true trilogy and a series of books? And no, it isn’t that there are three books in one and less or more in the other. LOL

Obviously, trilogy means three books, but the meat that binds these books together is more than just the same family going through life. A trilogy is a series of three books that either have the same ‘antagonist’ (bad guy, or in the case of my books, girl) or conflict that isn’t solved until the end of book three. In romance, the reader expects a happily ever after at the end of each book. It’s a given. It’s why we pick the books up and stay awake all night reading them. But to have the same bad guy still musing about at the end of book one gives the reader the hope that in book three they’ll see that bad guy get theirs. I suppose a true trilogy can have a love story that takes three books until the hero and heroine have the promise of forever, but I haven’t read it if it’s out there.

Why do we read them?
Simple. We romance readers are voyeurs. Really, we sneak into the personal lives of these characters and watch their every move. And even when they have their happily ever after, we want to see what tomorrow looks like. In trilogy books, and even in series romance, we manage a glimpse of book one’s H/H while reading book two. Seeing them work through life’s issues is rewarding even after the ring is on the finger or the bun is in the oven.

Why do we hate them?
But, Catherine, I don’t hate them!
Yes you do!
You hate that they take so long between books to make it into your hands. So my question to you, dear blogger, do you wait until all three books are out before you bother picking up book one? I confess that I do. Nora Roberts writes wonderful arcs in her trilogies, but I won’t pick up book one until three is on the stands. With her, the wait isn’t very long. *Grin.

What about the series of books?
Most of us identify a series of books to be books involving different family members with different conflicts, antagonists and stories. These books are just as rewarding as a trilogy because we get to see all those characters we fell in love with before. On the paranormal side, we think of Karen Marie Moaning, JR Ward etc. It used to be hard to find books in a series; luckily that isn’t the case any longer.

When a trilogy and series collide… what do we call it?
I have no idea. Payday for the writer maybe. Shannon K. Butcher writes a series called The Sentinel Wars, which I just love. The conflict and antagonist is about a war between two species, so the arc isn’t always one key bad guy. The unlimited amount of love stories in a series that travels five or six books is staggering. Bottom line, everyone has a story and unless you live in a cave, you’ll have a love story to tell.

Okay, that’s all I have folks. I’d love to hear your take on Trilogy’s and Series Romance. What you love and what you hate about them.

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Thursday, January 6, 2011


VampireBooks.Ca Book Review of Faith V Smith- "Kensington's Soul"

Every women wishes that their knight in shining armor will show up and sweep them off their feet. That is exactly what happens to Dr. Miranda James. She is saved by a beautiful man named Zacke who just happens to be a 500 years old vampire. Miranda has no idea that the man who rescued her from being raped and murdered is a vampire. All she is sees is a gorgeous man who just rescued her and kissed her with passion that she has never experienced.

Faith V Smith's book “Kensington's Soul” is full of fire and passion. Faith's writing is fantastic. The plot of this book will keep you on your toes, and you will fall in love with the main characters, how can you not. I feel in love with Zacke and his caring personality and passion that he felt for Miranda. Readers you will love this book as much as I did, and make sure to bring your tissues because their some tear jerking parts in this book. Fantastic book Faith, and thank you for giving me the opportunity read your wonderful book. 

Raven Kelly