Sunday, September 7, 2014


I have decided to start doing a Saturday and Sunday recap, since Saturday night rolls around so fast, and I have taken to watching “Outlander” on Demand so I can enjoy it and stop it if I need to on Sunday.  Last night’s episode touched my heart. Yes, I know it is fiction to a certain extent, but when Claire started remembering about Culloden, my heart broke. To think so many Highland warriors gave their life in a battle to have what was theirs in the first place is so tragic. And when Claire was to say if she was with Clan MacKenzie without coercion and it ended, I wanted to scream.  Yes, I have read the books, but this is such a pivotal part of what happens next. 
Oh well, now to what else I have been doing.  Homework, homework, and more homework. Why is it I wait until almost the last minute to finish what I should have already done?  Perhaps it’s the draw of books to read, books to write, or just plain old procrastination.  Ach, I dinna ken I be such a terrible person.

Now, back to homework, but I’m wishing you all the best for the week and don’t forget to stop by for “Pick Me Up Thursday.”  And on Friday, I will be announcing my guest authors for the next year. I think you will be happy to know that I have invited authors from the historical, paranormal, erotic, and fantasy genres of romance.  But until then mum’s the word.

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