Sunday, September 14, 2014


Greetings everyone!  It’s hard to believe another week has rolled around. I got up this morning, which at this time is still Saturday with a horrific backache. Chronic nerve pressure to those of you who experience it is so not fun. However, I did get some reading done, and wrote one paper, which I still need to proof for class. Although I have written what a detective feels while working in several of my books, it is harder to explain why I would want to be a certain type of policeman. Oh well, maybe the paper on the “CSI Effect” will be more enthusiastic.  It is heading toward midnight and I fear my bed is calling my name, but I shall be back in the morning to give you my thoughts on “Outlander” after I watch it on Demand. I am so looking forward to it.  It will probably be the highlight of my day, since I am woefully behind in computer class. You would think someone one who has penned nine books, and is working on several more would have a better grasp of operating system 8.2 and Microsoft Office 2013.  I’m afraid I hate change and will kick and scream when I have to learn something out of my comfort zone.

Sunday morning and “Outlander.”  Did anyone else want to slap Black Jack Randall? I know I did and still do!  Claire seemed to hold her own for a bit with the Englishmen, until he arrived, but the violence the blackguard exhibited toward her was not well done at all.  It just shows that no matter what nationality a man may be, the choice of being brutal is his own.  I will look forward to next week’s episode. And the fact that Jamie is a virgin makes me love him more. However, I think he will be a fast learner on his wedding night, don’t you?

Please remember to check in on Thursday for my Thursday Pick Me Up, and a fabulous blog by Mary Morgan.  An author who makes magick and highlanders come alive.  Her first book, "Dragon Knight's Sword" is selling like a run on kilts, and let me just say I love Duncan!!!!!


Mary Morgan said...

Love you, Faith! And I would want to do more than slap Black Jack Randall! The man is pure evil.

Hope you feel better soon...

Faith V. Smith said...

I know exactly what you mean, Mary. I am feeling some better, thank you.