Sunday, September 27, 2009

It's too quiet. Come & tell me...

What you are reading or writing. What type of books do you like on a rainy day. What turns you off!

Don't be shy!



Eliza March said...

This is weird, the secret word verification is my mother's maiden name and it's not that common.

See, when it's quiet we can comment on anything.

Today I worked on a novella I've been struggling to finish, marketing techniques, and finally the book series proposition I'm submitting this week. I've been revising the first book with several CP's help, and I'm really loving my book. I guess if you still like it after fourteen revisions it's like being married and still loving your husband after fourteen years.

And to end this the way I opened it...strangely, the book was inspired by my mother, who's a Gemini.

I've just finishe Karen Marie Moning's Fae Fever, knowing full well I would love it and kick my self all over the house when I finished it if I didn't have the next book in the series. So at eleven o'clock last night I tried to figure out where I could go and get the next book. See this is what's good about eBooks.

And with that ... I suggest you go buy one of mine and one of Faith's. Have a great day.

~~~Eliza March

Faith V. Smith said...

Wow, you have been busy! So glad to hear you are getting Gemini squared away! A great book by the way!

I have been doing some reading and in the process of getting Dunbar's Curse ready for galley! Yeah!

I love Moning's work. She is awesome!

Yes, but one of Eliza's books and one of



Nancy J. Cohen said...

I like books that transport me to another world when I feel the need to escape. Historical and paranormal romance or sci fi/fantasy fill the bill. Recently I've been hooked on Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth series after watching Legend of the Seeker on TV.

Faith V. Smith said...

Hi Nancy!

Welcome, so glad to have you here! I hear you write a mean futeristic!

I like books that take me away also!