Sunday, November 9, 2014


Okay, instead of talking about my weekend, let’s talk about my week ahead.  I am going to go, kicking and screaming, on a diet.  YES!  A four-letter word that puts the fear in me. I am Southern to the bone, and I love my meat, potatoes, bread, and sweets. Yes, I know that in moderation they aren’t so bad, but I have a habit of wanting to overindulge in the food of my choice.

I am a writer, I am up late at night, and I get a “don’t care if it goes to my thighs” craving for sweets. So, here’s the deal.  My darling daughter, and yes, I still love her although she is forcing me to give up a lot of my COMFORT foods, and I will be trying to maintain a healthier eating style. Blech!  Nasty! But in order to stick around longer in life, and since as she says, “I’m her only living parent,” I am going to try to do as she asks.

Now, that doesn’t mean you might not hear me scream in your neck of the woods when she puts something made of fruit in front of me instead of gravy and biscuits, but I promise to try and keep my yelling and frustration to a minimum.  But, at the moment all I can see is the disappearance of bread, sweets, and YES, and this is going to be one of the hardest to give up, a decrease in my Diet Cokes.  I love my caffeine.  I don’t drink coffee, and I need that bit of zing to get me going in the morning and keep me going during the day.

So, if you happen to see one of my heroes or heroines begging for mercy, it means I am taking out my diet woes on them. 

Until next time, say a prayer that I won’t hurt someone who walks by me with the desired food I am used to consuming. Hey, I’m talking about big time hurt when it comes to separating me from the food I love. 

Now, tell me what is the one food you would hate to give up while on a diet?

And please come back on Thursday November 13th, for a wonderful time with guest author: Sharon Buchbinder. Her paranormal romance, "Kiss of the Silver Wolf" and her suspense romance, "Obsession" are riveting.



Mary Morgan said...

Sending you prayers of strength, Faith. When I'm counting my calories and watching what I eat (I dread the word, diet), I cut-out sourdough bread and pub cheese. LOVE my pub cheese and can eat half a container, lol!

Faith V. Smith said...

Thank you so much, darling. Even calling it counting calories it's smacks as a diet. LOL.