Sunday, March 21, 2010


Eliza is a dear friend, and a wonderfully talent author or erotic romance!!!

Hi Faith, thanks for asking me to stop by. I once visited Santorini... not quite like the story that erupted off the pages of this book. The beautiful island in Greece makes one think of all kinds of possibilities and here are just some.

SULTRY SANTORINI SUNSETS is available today from

[Menage Amour: Erotic Menage a Quatre Fantasy Romance, M/F/M/M, sex toys]

Three thousand years ago, six warriors of Atlantis pledged themselves to the Goddess of Sensuality, exchanging emotions for heightened senses and immortality in order to protect what remained of their lost world. Three went in search of their lost emotions and became unredeemable. The others maintained their honor with help from their leader, and they all became the Gods of Atlantis.

Mira fulfilled her responsibilities, denying herself pleasure for years, but she's escaped. On Santorini, she takes three men as lovers who help her make-up for lost time. When emotions start infiltrating the men's souls in her presence, they discover she's the one woman capable of returning their emotions. Now they must convince her to share their love and lives for all eternity. Will she believe their fantastic tale and trust in their love enough to make the final commitment? Will she accept immortality, their bond, and their love?

Follow the link above for a short but sizzling hot excerpt. I hope you enjoy yourself.

Eliza March

Writes Sizzling, Hot Romance

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Dayana said...

Sounds absolutely sinful! Congratulations, Eliza on your steamy new release:)


Faith V. Smith said...

So glad you stopped by, Dayana! Eliza does write some hot stuff!