Sunday, July 13, 2008

This, That and More.

Hi everyone, I am so enjoying your posts on the blog. I appreciate each and everyone of you. I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe holiday. I enjoyed myself, my daughter and I went to my sister's, where she pampered us both. Now, however, it's back to

I've been trying to clear some decks so I can make my editor, Callie, happy and finish writing "Dunbar's Curse," the second book in the Vampire Lord and Ladies series. Yes, in this book, Zacke and Miranda will be back and so will some of the other characters I hope you like in
Kensington's Soul.

I just sent off the final revisions for "Beware What You Wish," and Pamela, my editor, told me I should have a release date soon. I am praying "Kensington's Soul" will quickly follow. A bit greedy aren't I? LOL.

I am also working on another paranormal series that I will tell you more about at a future date.

Please stop by often, tell me what you are doing and just keep me company!



Nicole McCaffrey said...

Best of luck with the paranormal series and the release dates!

I'll stop back often!


Faith V. Smith said...

Nic, my dear. Thank you so much for stopping by! It means a lot to me!


Linda lea castle said...

Hi Faith! I am so proud of you. I saw the write up in RT and will be looking for more good stuff!!


Linda Lea Castle
award winning novelist
Taos Chill....3-2009....Murder is no laughing matter, or is it?
hardcover, Five Star Mysteries

Faith V. Smith said...

Dear Linda, what can I say.

You have been a friend for so long! If you hadn't told me about Bridges, I have no idea where my career would be today.

Bless you my friend!