Saturday, August 16, 2014


It's another Saturday night and I have to tell you I just watched the second episode of  Diana Gabaldon's "Outlander."  I originally read the books back in the 90's after purchasing the first 3-4 through Doubleday Book Club.  And for me the televised version is awesome!  The scenery alone will make you drool, not to mention the weaponry, the castle, and the feeling of being right there with Claire and Jamie as they explore their own new love for one another and try to escape the dangers of 1743 Scotland.

My love of Scotland became a reality when I read some of Ms. Virginia Henley's romances.  Since then it's been a wonderful love affair.  I love to read and write about Highander's, and the idea of time-travel is fascinating. 

Just imagine going back in time to an era so filled with violence, passion, and Highlanders. Did I mention Highlanders?  Yeah, you know with kilts? 

Sounds like it would make a great movie series.  Oh yeah, Starz did it and it rocks. 


Unknown said...

I, too, have been watching Outlanders. However, I have not read the book(s). I ditto everything you say about the episodes. I am thoroughly enjoying them but the violence sometimes makes me cringe. I mean the beating Jamie took was intense or maybe it was me because I was too into the show and felt his pain. The actress, I think, is fitting in wonderfully. At first, I thought, 'wow, she is very stiff' but now she seems like she is comfortable in the role. However, once again, it may be the great acting because in the first episodes she was trying to 'fit in' somewhere and now she is becoming a part of that century. I like it so far. I am going to stop watching the preview for the next episode because it ruins what I will see in the next. Like reading a book and someone tells you what's happens next. I am not up for that. Oh and by the way I am going to check out Immortal Justice via Mary Morgan. Do you have other books in this series?

Faith V. Smith said...

Hi Jeanne! So glad you dropped by! I know the violence can be distressing, but the age this book is set in is so full of violence. I am on the fence about the previews. I did not see the one after last night's episode, because I watched it on demand, so now I can wait and see what happens. I love the character Claire and she does seem to be fitting the role nicely.

I am so glad you are going to check out "Immortal Justice." I am working on a second book in that series, but you might be interested in other books I have. Please be sure to check out my book section here on the blog, it has excerpts and reviews. Please also follow me by putting your name in for email for the posts.
I'm thrilled you found your way here, and I am so much a big fan of Mary's!

Hugs and keep reading!