Sunday, August 31, 2014


Hi everyone!  I am running so far behind in posting my Saturday Recap, I decided to do a Sunday one also. I can't blame the Internet going down on being tardy, but rather my fascination with re-reading Lisa Jackson's "Montana to Die" series.  I am going to purchase the newest one in this series in a couple of weeks and wanted to refresh myself with the characters.  If you have not read this author, she is good with suspense!

Now, I want to also send a shout out to my author friend, Mary Morgan, who just did her first book signing this weekend at the Scottish Games in California. She promised me lots of pics with hunky Highlanders in kilts!  Using my hand to fan

Speaking of kilts, wasn't the 4th episode of  "Outlander" awesome?  I loved Diana's walk-on part.  And the tension seems to be heating up even more with Claire and Jamie.

So, let's see what else I've done. I did manage to finish my history homework, not sure how well I did but it's in!  And today I had the wonderful pleasure of seeing a girlfriend of mine who moved away from these parts to the state of Washington.  She and her family made a special trip to see my daughter and I.  We had lunch and it was so good to see them all.

Well, hopefully, I made up for missing my post last night. So until next time, read, read, read, and kiss a Highlander!

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