Sunday, July 13, 2014


To all my awesome fans, I cannot tell you how much I have missed you over the last year!  It seems so long and yet hearing from you all outside my blog has been terrific!

First let me say, last year was not great for me health wise and this year started out with a bang. I lost the eyesight in my left eye due to a retina detachment. Blessedly Dr. Sharma at Georgia Retina was able to do surgery and get me back a lot of my vision. However, I will need to have more surgery to get it back all the way.


 But the good news is... I am still writing, and ta da my website has been revamped courtesy of Rae Monet.  

Please make your way over there to check out the new look!  Faith V. Smith 


Also please take note on the links page, we have added a lot of the places you were able to visit in my vampire and immortal executioner realms. 


I also have a brand new email addy so you can get in touch with me any time!

Looking forward to keeping in touch with you and for sharing some great reviews I found online for some of my books!

Hugs and keep reading.




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