Thursday, July 24, 2014


So I've been working on a project that I think readers will like.  It will feature a Highlander, of course he's hot, and a mortal woman who is recovering from a brutal attack. 

Well, while I was doing a bit of research, I got to looking at weaponry.  I love swords and daggers. Of course with my height it is hard for me to pick up a sword.  Some of them are almost as tall as I am.  

However, I thought you might want to look at a couple of pieces of weaponry I have.  One is a two-handed bastard sword. This sword usually requires two hands to handle.This is not a good picture but to give you a bit on the dimensions, I am a whopping five-foot-one, and the hilt comes to my cleavage.

My husband a big man could hold it in one hand but not for long.  The lady's dagger is more my style.

So enjoy!  And in the meantime, the characterization notes for my hero, heroine, a best friend, and a villain is in the bag or my computer.  Over 1,200 words worth.

Hugs!  And make sure you follow me if you have not already done so. It is my goal this year to bring you a lot of different takes on my work, my author friends, and what is happening in my life as a writer! 

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