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  I'm overjoyed to share with everyone that DRAGON KNIGHT'S MEDALLION will be released on December 5th! Now you can curl up with Stephen and Aileen for the holidays. 

Please make welcome, historical, time-travel, Scottish Highlander author, MARY MORGAN to my blog!  I have found Mary to be an extraordinary person, and when I asked her to tell readers a bit about herself, this is what she had to say:
I’ve been married to my own knight in shining armor for thirty-one years and have three grown children. I’ve held many jobs in my lifetime, but it was my position at Borders Books that really stepped me on the path I’m on now. I loved the interaction and sharing of books with others. 

Faith: When did you first know you wanted to write and why?
Mary: I’ve been writing since I was a young girl. It started with my diaries, poems, and plays for the family. Of course, I always did have an active imagination and daydreamed constantly of faraway places. Yet, as I got older, those dreams were forgotten.
Faith: I have heard exciting comments about your work, and of course you know I’m a fan but tell us a bit about your series, “Order of the Dragon Knights.” How did it evolve?
Mary: Like my heroine, Brigid, in “Dragon Knight’s Sword,” I’ve been fascinated by the mythology of Ireland for years. I took my love of those ancient tales and created my own. I can still remember the moment, sitting on a boulder in the Highlands surrounded by sheep, wool, and heather; I heard the stories unfold within my mind. Originally, I had planned on seven brothers in Ireland, but was torn with my love of Scotland. I had an epiphany while driving one day—why not combine both countries! And from there, the Order of the Dragon Knights was born.
Faith: How did you settle on which brother’s story to write first?
Mary: Ha! I didn’t—they did. I wanted to write the oldest, Angus’s story, but he waved me off with a few choice words I cannot repeat. Quietly, Duncan strode forward and said, “Ye will tell my story first.”
Faith: How much research did you have to do in order to write this series?
Mary: I read books on the history of Ireland and Scotland, studying medieval periods. Part is historical and the other, fantasy. Research is one of my favorite aspects of writing. I’m always learning something new.

Who is your favorite brother?
Mary: They all have a soft spot in my heart. Each so different in their personalities. Duncan will always pull at me a bit more, since he was the most tortured of the brothers.
Faith: I know you have traveled to Scotland, so can you tell us a bit about your trip? What you saw…etc?
Mary: It was more what I felt as I gazed upon the mountains draped with mists, heather that carpeted the ground, or pricking my finger on thistles. My soul connected with the spirit of the land, especially when I was on the Isle of Skye in 2000 on Summer Solstice. Standing there in the evening by a lake, the past and the present surrounded me. It was truly a magical experience.
Faith: What did you feel when you were first contracted?
Mary: That this was only the beginning! Euphoric!
Faith: And what is your favorite part of the process?
Mary:  Besides writing, when the book—my baby is released.
Faith: You have a wonderful grasp of druids in your books, what research did you do to clarity some of the festivals, etc?

Mary: I read many books on the druids. They had this amazing way of learning through oral study. Traditions were passed down orally, leaving no written record of themselves. I combined some of their own nature beliefs/rituals with my own imagination to create the festivals and marriages in my books.
Faith: Do you have favorite sites you go to for research?
Mary: Not really. I love to pull out my old Scottish and Ireland maps along with reference books on these countries. However, my favorite “go to” site when I’m missing Urquhart is Google Earth! Love flying down to the entrance of the castle ruins and map out images.
Faith: If you could pair yourself with any of your heroes, which would it be and why?
Mary: That’s a tough one, Faith. If I absolutely had to choose, it would be Angus—the true knight. He’s tortured just like his brothers and this has left him with a feeling of complete failure. He failed in his responsibility to his family. I can understand this, since I’m the oldest, too. In addition, I love a man who can argue with me, and I’m finding that Angus is more than what I thought.    
Faith:  With the publication of “Dragon Knight’s Sword” and the upcoming release of “Dragon Knight’s Medallion” do you feel a sense of accomplishment?
Mary: Yes, though it’s a quiet sense of accomplishment. Don’t get me wrong…after the release of Dragon Knight’s Sword, I remember holding my book, and shouting, “I did it!”

Faith: What type of books do you like to read when you are not hard at work writing?
Mary: History—non-fiction and fiction, Science Fiction, Romance—Regency, and any good medieval or culinary mystery. 

Faith: What do you do to relax after a hard day of creating characters and plots?
Mary:  Cook! I love whipping up a meal after sitting and using my brain all day. Food feeds this writer’s soul.

Faith: What sage advice would you care to give to aspiring authors?
Mary: It doesn’t matter if you write 100 or 1,000 words every day—just write. It helps to keep the creativity flowing. Also, don’t let fear keep you from writing. Use it as a sword to conquer and not a shield to hide from the world. 
Faith: Is there anything you would like to say to your fans?
Mary: You are the best ever! I’m in awe of your passion and love for the Dragon Knights! Thank you! Simple words, but they’re packed with so much love to all! 

Faith: And do you have a schedule of where you will be doing book signings in the future.
Mary:   I don’t have a schedule yet, but you can keep updated by signing up for my newsletter and blog.
Now remember if you want to reach out to Mary, she is available by these avenues online! 


Book Lover 4170 said...

WOO HOO!!! I'm super excited. Have it on my calendar. Will keep looking for when it's available for pre-order. Congratulations Mary!!!

Mary Morgan said...

You're welcome, Book Lover! There will definitely be a party, too.

CottonSr said...

I'm part Irish and have been to both Ireland and Scotland. Listened to Nixon resign in Donegal actually and kissed the Blarney stone. I enjoyed your interview including about writing itself. I'm glad you're successful.

Faith V. Smith said...

Thank you so much for dropping by, Book Lover! I know I'm excited as well for her new release date. And please don't hesitate to come back again. I have more authors coming in for guest blogs!

Faith V. Smith said...

Thank you so much for coming by, CottonSr. Good to have you here. Mary did an outstanding job on the questions! I loved her answers!

Mary Morgan said...

Thank you, CottonSr! Amazing story about Nixon. I've kissed the Blarney Stone, too. Yet, my family didn't want me to, since I already "gab" too much.

GiniRifkin said...

Great interview. Mary's books sound intriguing, looking forward to reading them.

Oh my, The Isle of Skye on the Summer Solstice, that would be a magical dream come true.

Mary Morgan said...

Thanks, Gini! I so hope you get to visit the Isle of Skye. Its beauty is outstanding.

CelticAmazon said...

Mary, have noted date on calendar, though I know we will be kept informed in our reader's group. Loved the first book. Congrats, hon. Loved the interview.

Eliza March said...

Sounds like a great series. Thanks for introducing them to us and Mary it's nice to meet you!

Mary Morgan said...

Oh Celtic Amazon, thank you so much for stopping by and for loving the Dragon Knights!

Faith V. Smith said...

Gini! Thank you so much for stopping by! It's always a pleasure having you here!

Mary Morgan said...

Thanks, Eliza! It's wonderful to meet you, too. I was thrilled to make my announcement on Faith's blog.

Faith V. Smith said...

Hi CelticAmazon! So glad you found your way here! Please do come back for a look at other authors over the next few months also! I love meeting new people!

Faith V. Smith said...

Hugs Eliza! Thanks for coming by! I am looking forward to having you as a guest next month to showcase your release.

Debra Doggett said...

Sounds great, Mary. Dragons are one of my spirit animals so I'll have to check out your series.

Mary Morgan said...

Ooo...Debra that's amazing. I believe you're going to love my dragon.

mimi the zookeeper - said...

Once a fan....always a fan. This great news couldn't happen to a nicer person. She is one of the most passionate and hard working women you will ever meet. Well done. And bring on December! :)

Mary Morgan said...

Thanks with love, Mimi!! Yes, it's going to be a magical holiday.

Faith V. Smith said...

Thank you so much for stopping by Deborah. It is good to see you.

Faith V. Smith said...

Hi Mimi, I totally agree. Mary is so hard-working and I just love her books.

Mary Morgan said...

Thank you so much, Faith for hosting me on your blog today and letting me share my fantastic news!

Faith V. Smith said...

No need to thank me, Mary. I am thrilled to have you here and I am over whelmed by your talent as an author.

Ilona Fridl said...

A little late here, but I loved the interview, Mary. Seems like all us dreamer children became writers. Love your book!

Marlow Kelly said...

Great Interview Mary, I loved it. That's another book on my TBR pile.

Faith V. Smith said...

Thank you so much for stopping by, Ilona! Good to have you here, even late!

Faith V. Smith said...

Thanks for stopping by the blog, Marlow! Please come back in the future for more scheduled author chats.

Mary Morgan said...

Ilona, thank you so much! Yes, always the dreamer, so we'll walk together. :)

Mary Morgan said...

Yay, Marlow! So happy you stopped by today. Thanks for adding my book to your TBR!

Amanda Beadles said...

Oh happy day!! I cannot wait for December 5th!! And what a great site Faith has! Sorry I am late in the commenting, I had technical difficulties the other day and could not leave a comment.

Faith V. Smith said...

Thank you so Amanda, I appreciate you stopping by and I hope you come back again. Mary is a fantastic offer.