Thursday, December 20, 2012



 This is for all my fans who have been so patient in waiting for me to produce something new in the way of books. Due to back problems, 2012 was not a productive year.  I'm so looking forward to having 2 to 4 new books out in 2013.
 Since you all have been nice and not so naughty, here is a little something for you! I first wrote this in December of 2010 and did a bit of tweaking for your  reading pleasure.
  A Special Thank you to Evan Scott, Cover Model Extraordinaire, and his Lovely and Talented Author Wife Tamara McHatton


`Twas the night before Christmas,
and I crept through my house. I wanted to
see who was stirring and about.
I looked at my stocking and much to my surprise,
there seemed to be something resting inside.
I gasped and then frowned when all I felt was a pair
of scissors, and I thought to myself something is missing.
I looked around more and giggled out loud, for over
by the tree was a package and it was giant size.
I grabbed the scissors and tiptoed to the box. The wrapping
was beautiful, but that wasn't what I sought. 
I needed to see what rested inside, so I yanked off the bow,
snipped the ribbon, and then tossed it aside.
I held my breath as I pulled off the top, and then indeed my heart almost stopped. For nestled on a bed of satin with a sword by his side, lay a Highland King, complete with a kilt, and he was all mine.

May all your holidays be safe, lovely, and filled with lots of blessings. Oh and a large  bag of books!



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